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Blazemaster engine driven firefighter pump.
  • Nylon Impeller
  • Powder coated high grade aluminum pumpcasing and yoke.
  • In-built non-return valve.
  • Proven design and reliability.
  • Replacement vitonseal kit.


Fire! Now is the time to act.

The time to prepare for a bushfire is before the threat of a bushfire is imminent. One way you can be prepared is by having a petrol driven fire fighting pump at hand to make use of that 40,000 litre swimming pool sitting right there beside your home.

Propump Services can supply petrol driven fire fighting pumps and associated hoses to be set up right next to your swimming pool or dam Contact us and we will show you how. E-Mail us or call in (02) 9791-0993

Fire Safety Tips

What to do before the fire comes

All the preparation that will determine whether your property will have a chance to survive the onslaught of a bushfire should be done before the onset of the bushfire season.

  • Clear all dry timber, vegetation and rubbish from around the dwelling.
  • Keep grass around the house mown and well watered.
  • Clear gutters of leaves, twigs and bark and other debris which could catch fire.
  • Remove branches that overhang the house.
  • Clear undergrowth from around fences.
  • Store flammable liquids away from the house.
  • Connect a hose that will reach all corners of the house.
  • Close in open eaves and the space under the house.
  • Fit wire screens to windows, doors, and vents.
  • If possible and practical clear a firebreak between your boundary and the surrounding bush
  • Develop an emergency fire plan with your family.
  • Know how to get help (Report all fires to 000 in Australia)
  • In the event that evacuation does occur ensure the house is secure (all windows and doors closed) if possible leave access gates around the house unlocked.

What to do when a bushfire is imminent

When a fire is imminent there are a number of precautions that the householder can do to increase the likelihood of the property surviving.

  • Stay calm - stick to the plan you have developed.
  • Wear your protective clothing
  • Long trousers (natural fibres)
  • Long sleeved shirt (natural fibres)
  • Hat
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Try to cover all exposed skin
  • Block down pipes with plugs and fill gutters with water
  • Have firefighting equipment ready ( fires can move quickly and equipment will be needed as soon as the fire has passed).
  • If there is sufficient time and water, hose dry under floor areas any crevices where sparks and embers may enter. Pay particular attention to any areas where there may still be fine fuels ie. mulched garden beds.
  • Place a ladder near the trapdoor to your roof access.
  • Place wet towels etc around doors and any openings where wind driven embers could enter the house
  • When the fire actually arrives retreat inside to the side of the house away from the fire until the front (hottest - most intense part of fire) has passed then inspect your property for any fires started by embers lodging in gutters, timber etc.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the progress of the fire, as the fire approaches retreat to the inside of the house, remember radiant heat can cause severe burns.