Propump Services provide a full range of commercial services for all pump applications including the following areas:



Water Supply

Water supply has a major influence on all walks of life from home to rural, commercial and industrial applications.

Propump Services is involved in all types of water supply including:

  • Installation services
  • Onsite repairs and Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • workshop repairs

Some of the important areas in which we have addressed water supply issues in industry include:

  • Boosting mains water pressure to eye wash bays in chemical plants,
  • Wash down hoses and mains water boosting to multi story buildings.
  • Boosting water pressure for spray systems in manufacturing
  • The use of pressure boosting pumps for recycled water in a large variety of industries.

If you business has issues where water supply is critical, call us and we will be happy to consult with you to find a solution.

Multi Storey Building Water Supply

Circulating Pumps

Circulating pumps are used in hot and cold water circulation for high rise buildings, commercial pool and spa heating, air conditioning and evaporative cooling installations.

Propump Services can supply, install, repair and maintain this equipment to the manufacturers specifications as we have the support and back up of major pump and parts manufacturers.

Pool Pumping System
Circulating Pump

Fluid Transfer

The transfer of fluids takes in a wide range of systems including:

  • Water transfer from dam to dam.
  • Transfer from river to storage tank.
  • Effluent transfer in treatment plants.
  • Transferring water in a pond
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Air conditioning Plants

Propump Services can supply onsite maintenance or repair 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your pumping equipment. Or you have the option of bringing your pump into our workshop for assessment, repairs or replacement.

One of our qualified staff members can help with question you may have regarding your pumping equipment.

Water Pumping System
Large Fluid Pump

Irrigation Pumps

All year round and especially in drought, irrigation pumping equipment is essential for crops, nurseries, home gardens, playing fields, parks and golf courses. Survival in the harsh Australian weather relies on effective irrigation systems.

The heart of any irrigation system is the pumps that move the water to where it is required. Propump Services qualified staff are expert in helping you to select the most appropriate irrigation system for you needs. They also can help you to maintain your irrigation systems to keep the productive.

Storm Water Pumps

Storm water run off and discharge had been and will be a big environmental and economic problem in the Sydney metropolitan area for years to come, so we need to be able to take control of this situation.

With our ever expanding population and low lying areas in the Sydney basin, increasing quantities of run off water is disturbing the balance of water distribution in our environment. Recycling this water is our only practical option. The recycling of the large volumes of storm water requires the water to be moved and stored for use in areas that can help us to make the best use of this precious resource. Pumps are of course essential in moving this water.

Efficient recycling of storm water in this fashion can help to protect our waterways and future water consumption.

Propump Services can supply, install,service and repair all types of storm water pumping systems in factories,basement car parks,home units or large commercial buildings.

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Sewerage Pumps

Sewerage pumps are very important in our everyday living, although we are mostly not aware of them until there is a major problem which can impact on our environment.

The sewerage pump can be a submersible cutter pump, grinder,helical rotor or centrifugal type pump. Usually these are a dual pump system with control panels and float switches which all need to be maintained on a regular basis.

Propump Services can service sewerage pumps from the backyard septic tank to large sewer treatment plants.

Fire Fighting Pumps

As we have seen in recent years the Sydney metropolitan area has experienced long dry summers and extreme bush fires around our homes.

Propump Services can supply petrol driven fire fighting pumps and associated hoses to be set up right next to your swimming pool or dam.

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